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Medical care can often feel overwhelming or daunting, and it very well may be hard to settle on what would be the best choice for you, while considering all of the information you are presented. Our solutions may permit you and your doctor to customize medical services and offer the provider the ability to make the most adequately instructive decision to treat their patients.

HEART1.3 million Carry the gene - in the U.S. alone
Hereditary gene mutations may suddenly cause heart death and cardiovascular illnesses, these very same genes can be identified with a simple and easy Genetic Testing Lab test result.
CANCERNumber Two cause of death - in the U.S. alone
Cancer Genetic testing (CGx) focuses on genes that may cause breast, gynecological, pancreatic, melanoma, and colon cancers. Stop wasting time…take the next step – just simply see if you qualify with our survey!
ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONSOver 6.5% of all hospitalized patients experience adverse reactions - in the U.S. alone
PGx genetic testing uses people’s genes to find how medication or a blend of prescribed medication will impact their health, genetic makeup, and identifies their sensitivities to the chemical compound.

Detect A Problem Before It Arises!

Wellife Health & Genetic Testing Lab services offer you preventive health care that distinguishes risk factors in your genes that may cause Cancer, Heart, or Adverse Drug Reaction. Remove the mystery from your current and future wellbeing for a longer life and better wellbeing. To get familiar with our genetic testing services please check our No-Cost, No-Obligation risk evaluation and see if you qualify for a testing kit.

Genetic Testing Lab

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The Wellife Way can have an effect in people’s lives by giving them and their doctors the best and beneficial health solutions with the objective of customizing medical care, fortifying the medical care framework, and empowering individuals to look, feel, and live a better life.

Our Vision

To enable people with accurate information, diagnostics, and products they can use to make educated choices about their wellbeing, and to give their medical experts astute, pertinent answers for an enhanced patient care and benefit.

Our Promise

For you to live a Wellife! We’ve gathered a group of exceptional and seasoned experts who dissect and assess the consistently ever changing medical care and wellbeing world—with your wellbeing as our main priority, we consistently search for the most capable answers for the most pressing questions.


Genetic testing has genuine potential advantages to an individual and conceivably their family’s future wellbeing. In any case the results of a genetic test, whether negative or positive, will offer alleviation from the stress of not knowing and empower a decision in the future on how to appropriately deal with your healthcare.

Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

My father died with a heart attack and I have always worried if I am at risk. Genetic testing for potential heart problems gives me a sense of relief to determine my future health issues.

Phillip Paul
Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

Multiple members of my family have died from cancer and it has been a real worry for me. With cancer genetic testing I can know my potential risks involving cancer.

Lila Gonzalez
Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

My mother had a severe reaction to several drugs she was taking. By utilizing genetic testing for possible drug combinations that could hurt her, her doctor can now make changes to eliminate future problems.

Susan Blackwell
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Our No-Cost, No-Obligation survey will help you see if you qualify for a test kit in 1 of 3 categories for a genetic testing kit. This simple and easy survey will let you know immediately if your medical history permits for a genetic test kit request. Let us assure you, that you have nothing to lose. The knowledge from a test result will not just help you, but it can possibly help your family, children or grandchildren.