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Over 1 million people die every year in the US alone, from Heart Disease, Cancer, and Drug Interaction Problems

Heart Disease Statistics

  • Genetic Tests show 20% have Genetic Markers of Heart Disease, and 60% of those with Markers, have a higher risk of coronary artery disease – Harvard Study.
  • Every 36 seconds in the United States 1 person dies of cardiovascular disease.
  • In 2019, over 650 thousand people died from heart disease in the US alone!
  • Every year, about over 800 thousand people suffer a heart attack in the US alone!

Cancer Statistics

  • Over 1.7 million new cancer cases in the US in 2019!
  • 5-10% of women carry the Cancer Gene, knowledge of this fact could impact siblings, children, or grandchildren!
  • Over 600 thousand people died in 2019 from cancer in the US alone!
  • Every day over 1,600 people die from cancer, and over 4,800 people are diagnosed with cancer in the US alone!

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)

  • 6.7% of hospitalized patients have a serious adverse drug reaction with a 0.32% fatality rate.
  • Over 2.2 million serious Adverse Drug Reactions in hospitalized patients.
  • Adverse Drug Reactions cause over 100 thousand deaths every year.

You, Your Siblings, Your Children, or Your Grandchildren could be at risk. Knowledge is power.

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We offer you educational information on genetic testing, with the goal to educate you, and hopefully change your life. Your family’s lives can likewise be impacted by you learning about your hereditary genetics passed down from previous generations…knowing whether you have the gene that can cause heart disease or cancer with a simple genetic test result can help your family get informed and save their lives.

By reading one of our articles, we are trusting they can assist you with preventing a health related crisis further down the line. Keep in mind, heart disease is the highest cause of death in the US, 1 in 4 deaths.

Our objective is for you to realize that prevention can have a tremendous effect in you, your sibling, your children, or your grandchildren’s lives!

Preventive Health Services For Heart Cancer and Drug Interactions


3 main areas we center on are, Heart Disease, Cancer, and Adverse Drug Reactions, with a simple and easy Genetic Testing kit that may prevent medical emergencies in the future. We believe when people are mindful of their family medical history by the means of a Genetic Test, they can and will improve their life, and may even help to improve the life of everyone else around them, such as their siblings, children or grandchildren.

HEARTIn the US alone, 1.3 million carry this gene
Hereditary gene mutations which may abruptly cause cardiac death and cardiovascular illnesses can be recognized by a simple and easy Genetic Testing kit.
CANCERIn the US alone, #2 cause of death
Cancer Genetic testing (CGx) centers on the genes that cause breast, gynecological, pancreatic, melanoma, and colon cancers. Don’t waste time contemplating…take the next step – see if you qualify!
ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONSIn the US alone, +6% of all hospitalized patients
PGx genetic testing utilizes a person’s genes to discover how they will react to prescription medicine or a combination of medicines, and detects their possible distinctive sensitivities.

Heart Test

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, and it may all be genetic related, so don’t waste any time. Mutations related with genetic cardiovascular illnesses and unexpected heart death can be identified through comprehensive Cardiac Genetic Testing. The assessment panels incorporate all possible genes known to be related with the advancement of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac Genetic Testing can also be requested for a disease specific panels or in a broader panel. To get familiar with genetic testing and check whether you meet all requirements for a kit, kindly click underneath for our No-Cost, No-Obligation survey.

Cancer Test

Cancer genetic testing (CGx) focuses on the crucial genes related with breast, colon, pancreatic, gynecological and melanoma cancers. These genetic tests are requested by oncologists, primary physicians, with patients with an at-risk family history. With Genetic Testing, there is no explanation why anybody should contemplate and worry about whether they have potential hereditary markers that could demonstrate potential malignant cancer risk. So why keep on stressing? Get familiar with our genetic testing services and check whether you meet all requirements to get a kit, review our No-Cost, No-Obligation risk assessment survey.

Drug Test

It is very well known that genetics account for 20 to 90 percent variability in medication side-effects. Over six and a half percent of all hospitalized patients in the United States suffer an adverse reaction. Pharmacogenetic Testing, also known as PGx, takes an individual’s genes and uses them to determine whether the patient runs a high risk of sensitivities to a particular drug or a combination of drugs. The results of a PGx Test, may help medical practitioners limit or totally avoid experimentation and significantly lessen the danger of potential medication side-effects. To get familiar with our genetic testing services and check whether you fit the requirements for a kit, fill out our three step, No-Cost, No-Obligation risk assessment.

Preventive Health Service Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure


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This No Cost, No Obligation survey will let you know very quickly whether you fit the requirement for at least one of our genetic testing kits. The survey is totally at no cost, and there is no commitment on your part to actually take the test. Then again, we believe you will want to know whether you run a risk of a disease, or someone else in your family, like your kids or grandkids.